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Here you can provide us with your personal information regarding your athletic and academic background without being contractually bound or having to make any payments.
After our feedback regarding your chances, you can consult with your parents and friends, and if you wish, request a phone/video phone conversation with us to talk about any further questions or concerns.

The decision is yours

Then, the decision to start your journey to the US with our help is yours. At your request, we can send you the contract and get the process rolling. After signing the contract, you will receive a checklist with some assistance for the process as well as a comprehensible guide for the next steps. You will receive your personal online access credentials for our portal, where you will be able to upload all required documents (certificates, letters of recommendation, etc…).

Of course, we are always available for questions during the entire process!

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In order to correctly assess your chances of receiving a scholarship in the USA, we need some info about you.

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