You must meet one of the following requirements to be eligible for an athletic scholarship in the United States

  • Abitur

  • Fachabitur/Fachhochschulreife

  • Completed vocational training directly after finishing secondary school (Berufsausbildung)

  • Completed Bachelor studies, if you are interested in a Master program in the US


On the way to your scholarship in the US, there are some preparations you need to make in order to give yourself the best possible chances. The following are some of the things you should not forget to do:

  • Assistance with creation of a highlight tape

  • Certification and translation of all transcripts from grade 9 onwards

  • TOEFL / IELTS test

  • SAT / ACT test

  • Visa

Preparation schedule

Scholarships are often awarded far in advance

When it comes to starting the process, the earlier the better. Since scholarships are often awarded or reserved several semesters in advance, it is best to take care of all the necessary documents early enough to increase your own chances of receiving a full scholarship.

18-12 months before the start of your studies

  • Signing your contract with Glocal Sports
  • Collection of video footage for highlight tape or upload of finished video.
  • Possible participation in showcase

12-6 months before start of studies

  • Certification and translation of school certificates

  • Receipt of eligibility to play

Up to 6 months before start of studies

  • Visa application

  • Book flight

  • Optional: use “WES” to have credits from your school years transferred to your studies


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