Benefits of studying in the US

Attending a university is highly valued in the US because a) tuition costs are high and therefore few can afford to study at a prestigious university without taking out a loan and b) the number of available spots is limited.
The life of a student in the US usually mainly takes place on the university campus, where most of the students live. This gives you the opportunity to meet many other students.
Due to the large selection of universities in the US, you can individually decide what criteria matters the most. You can choose based on the athletic level of the sports team, academic aspects, the national/international recognition of the university or the geographic location.

In addition, there is also a wide range of course program options, whereby you usually do not have to decide on a specific program until the end of the fourth semester.
The duration of a bachelor’s degree is usually four years and a master’s degree one to two years. Generally, all American degrees are recognized throughout Europe and, thus, also in Germany. In individual cases, however, universities may decide otherwise.


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